little watercolour test w/ pentel black ink brush pens
i like

(dialogue for short film / //// more later)
these were scribbled in a page of notes ///// went + coloured them in ps
another tiny drawing i found of mine in the bottom left corner of a page of notes /// there’s also a tiny scribble of ‘i fucking hate this project’ so can’t have been a good day
love the eyebrows, will make all future eyebrows this expressive henceforth
this was a tiny stupid little sketch on a page of notes but i quite liked it + can anyone really get enough of meryl streep i don’t think so
had to highlight this gem of a character from the last sketch page
/// sassy misanthrope
drew this page while starving in class can u tell
grubby sketchbook in blue ft. sparse notes
that fucking hand man, it’s all wrong

/////purely character ideas
actual life drawing w/ real people
bleeurrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh 8/17
i’m gonna live forever /////////

mixed sketchdum[p]
i like these ones / body patterns
more life
angles / 
dangerouswoman.jpg // sketchbook studies