illustration for shay d’s “proper poetry”

rough sketchbook comic about friendship

regret the biro speech

s’a work in progress

my girlfriend’s tryna quit smoking
shit is hard i heard
cool girls hanging out being cool
i love this pen do i say that enough

character design

fun stuff

i drew this while watching ‘the beach’ hence the guns
enjoying the character’s colour-coordinatednessnot enjoying the lack of slack in the rucksack’s strapsi can’t get rucksacks rightbut why

not drawing in pencil first is probably 1 theory
guess what film my scathing commentary is referring to
and also i’m gonna turn that biro girl bottom left into a cartoon super-heroine just give me time
i am aware i have mispelled palette / spelling D-

they’re fun,
and they’re in
colour pencil / biro pen
skatchbuck drawins
characters from my brains
the stream of consciousness
abstract comixxxxxx
comic on envelope
sketchbook vomit
skutchbuke mess

mo’ character designs in felt tip

like most things, bad idea on crap quality paper

some of the colour schemes work real nice and some really don’t

sketchbook, live & learn